• The North America Group

    The LastMason North America Group has a focus on Smart Cities and Health Care.

    • Smart Cities are based on our modular communication tools and administration software
    • Health Care is supplied by our extensive research and development in the Biotech industry

    With offices in:

    Amsterdam, New Orleans and Singapore

  • Our mission

    LastMason aims helping your society, by making your City Smarter and Healthier with a focus on autonomy for the individual. Our goal is to be active in every major city around the world.

  • your company gets better

    Your chat solution that actually offers you to keep your data where you want it, that is able to be branded your way and that will completely replace your internal email communication.

    custom software solutions

    LastMason has build great collaboration and communication software for governments and laboratory software for Health Care. Come see what we can do for you.

    simple and smart by design

    Google Apps for Work is a great way to organise your company in a new way. We know what we talk about when you use GAfW via LastMason, we've been using it for years.


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